Elderly Care in San Diego CA Fall Proof Your Home
12 February 2021,


Avoiding a fall is one of the most important tasks for your senior. It might seem as if that’s not always possible, but most falls are preventable. Following just a few of these steps can help to ensure that stairways and major pathways in your elderly family member’s home are as fall-proof as possible.


Install Handrails

Handrails are the easiest answer for stairways and applicable pathways in your senior’s home. They need to be installed securely so that if your senior does fall the handrail can support her weight. Encourage your senior to use handrails for more than just something to grab when she falls, though. If she’s going up and down stairs, for instance, she needs to have at least one hand on the handrail.

Double Check Lighting

Proper lighting is absolutely essential. Your senior may need lighting that is a little bit brighter than you need in order to see well. Consider using motion sensors to turn lights on for her, especially on stairways. This helps to ensure that your elderly family member has light as soon as she needs it most. If motion sensors aren’t an option, there need to be light switches on both sides of the stairwell, hallway, or room.

Remove Clutter

Clutter is always a potential problem because it takes up space that your senior needs for safety. If your senior is in the habit of keeping anything on the floor, make sure to remove those items. Furniture that makes a path in your senior’s home narrower also needs to be moved. This might mean rearranging furniture to create a little more space.

Inspect Flooring

Don’t forget about your senior’s flooring. Hard floors have their own challenges, of course, like ensuring that they’re not coated with slippery surfaces. But carpeting has risks, too. If carpet becomes loosened, it can present a tripping hazard. Reconsider area rugs and throw rugs that are small and easily moved, too, because those can easily become a tripping hazard for your senior.

Many of these things are not “one and done” situations, either. It takes staying on top of these issues to make sure that your elderly family member still has what she needs in order to stay safe and to avoid a fall in her home. Elderly care providers can help your aging family member to keep up with these tasks and they can let you know if they see anything that you need to know about.


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