Elderly Care in La Jolla CA: Caregiver Overwhelm
8 June 2018,

A common issue for caregivers is that feeling of overwhelm that seems to follow them everywhere. If that’s the case for you, try these tips.


Start Writing Everything Down

Part of the feeling of being overwhelmed involves the fact that you have a lot of information you’re processing and trying to hold onto in your brain. That is exhausting. Try writing everything down that you’re trying to remember. This clears out your brain a little and gives you room to actually think. Use one notebook to handle everything.


Work Out Some Solid Routines

Routines are crucial for having a less overwhelming day and week. When you and your aging adult know exactly what to expect, dealing with everything that is going on is so much easier. Routines don’t have to be complicated or timed to the minute. What they really need to do is help you flow from one thing to another.

Part of Your Routine Needs to Involve Self-care

As a caregiver, a big part of your routine needs to include self-care. This might mean that you start your day with tea and the sunrise or it might mean that you end the day with a bubble bath. It could mean both. Determine what you need for self-care and then factor that into the routine.

Add Margin into Your Day

Margin is that little bit of extra time that puts some time-padding in between activities. If you feel as if you’re constantly running late all day long, you have no margin in your day. Add a little bit of extra time to everything that you do. You won’t be rushing to get to the next item on the list and you’ll find that you have time to breathe. If you’ve denied yourself a margin for a long time, this is going to feel weird at first.


Learn to Delegate a Little More

Delegating may well be your secret weapon as a caregiver. You don’t have to do everything yourself, no matter how much it feels as if you should. Learn who can do what for you and your senior. Hire elder care providers to help, too. You’ll find that delegating helps to free you up even more to have the time and the energy to manage the issues you do have to handle yourself.

If you can implement even a few of these ideas, gradually you’ll start to feel overwhelmed less often. It’s not easy to avoid overwhelm altogether, but it doesn’t have to be a part of your everyday activities.

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