8 December 2017,

Aerobic exercises get your seniors heart and lungs pumping. They can also help her to reduce the effects of some of her health conditions. If she’s just getting started with aerobic exercise, there may be some things your senior should keep in mind in order to keep herself safe and healthy.


Elderly Care in La Costa CA: Senior Aerobic Exercise

Elderly Care in La Costa CA: Senior Aerobic Exercise


Her Healthy Limits

The first thing you and your senior need to do is to talk with her doctor about exercise. Her doctor can let you both know what to aim for in terms of safe exercise. Depending on her health, your senior may need to approach exercise in a more gradual manner and that’s definitely okay.


Warming up and Cooling Down Isn’t Optional

Many people feel as if warming up and cooling down is just a waste of time. What it really does, however, is get your senior’s joints and muscles moving a little bit and preparing them for more vigorous movement. Cooling down, on the other hand, keeps her muscles from seizing up after working them. She’ll feel far better if she does stick with both cooling down and warming up.


Hydration Is Important

Staying hydrated is definitely important for anyone working out, but especially your aging adult. Encourage her to drink a glass of water before working out and afterward. If she’s serious about hydration, make sure she’s got a bottle of water available during exercise, too.


Dress for the Activity

While your elderly family member can take a walk in just about any clothing, wearing the right shoes and having layers that she can add or remove as needed can also help a lot. Wearing specific “workout clothes” can also help her to get into the mindset that it’s time to get moving.


Try to Have an Exercise Partner

Exercising alone can be scary for your aging adult and it might make you nervous if you’re not there with her, too. Talk to friends and family about exercising with her or consider hiring home care providers who can stop by. That way your senior has companionship and help if something should happen.

It’s better for your senior to start out slowly and with a comfortable plan for ramping up her activity. This helps her to stay consistent with her exercise plans.


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