Elderly Care in San Diego CA: Alzheimer’s Disease
19 November 2021,

Elderly Care: November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Month.

This is a good time to become more acquainted with the very earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease. When you are aware of what might be going on, you can help your senior to get an earlier diagnosis, which can lead to earlier treatment. An elderly care

Personality Changes

Many people with Alzheimer’s disease begin to experience changes in their moods and their personalities before they realize that there’s something wrong. Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological condition, and it starts in the brain. Your elderly family member may also feel as if something is wrong, but she’s not sure what it is and she can be frightened of the possibilities. All of that can impact her mood.

Changes in Movement

Sometimes people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease find that it’s more difficult to walk or to move in ways that have been no problem in the past. Your senior’s gait, or how she walks, may change. It might seem as if there’s something else going on, but this can be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

Trouble with Words

Your senior may also find that it’s difficult to find the right word at times. Everyone has trouble with that at times, but your senior might have more trouble than usual. She may be unable to find specific words for everyday items or she may find stringing words together to be more difficult.

Memory Loss

Forgetfulness is often the symptom that makes people start to think about Alzheimer’s disease. In the earliest stages, your senior is more likely to have trouble with brand new information, like names or details that they’ve just heard or learned. Forgetting where she just put something could be a problem, for instance.

Difficulty with Daily Tasks

It’s also possible that someone in the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s disease starts to have trouble with everyday tasks. Remembering what order to handle certain tasks can become difficult, for instance. Having 24-hour home care there with her can help your senior to be safer, especially if she’s forgetting things like turning off the stove. Elderly care providers can help to ensure that your elderly family member is able to live her life and still get her needs met.

Elderly care offers a friendly companion to your senior as well as the help that she needs when she needs it most. They can also help you to spot potential issues that need to be addressed with her doctor.


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