16 February 2017,

Elder Care in Coronado CA

Elder Care in Coronado CAThere are a lot of different factors to consider when you’re looking at your elderly loved one’s current safety levels at home. Changing just a few small things may make a big impact for her.

Living Alone or with Other People

If your elderly loved one is still living on her own, you may worry about what might happen if she has an emergency while she’s at home alone. One option is to make sure that your loved one has a personal alarm system or a phone nearby at all times. Another option is to hire home care providers or ask friends and family to stop by often. It may even be time to talk to your loved one about moving.

Accessibility Issues

As your loved one ages, there are things about her home that can pose a problem for her, even if they never have been a problem in the past. Stairs at your loved one’s front door, uneven walkways, or even steps and stairs inside the home can all cause accessibility problems. This can especially be a problem if your loved one uses assistive devices such as a walker or a wheelchair.

Hazards Related to Tripping and Falling

An excessive amount of clutter, wires and cords that spread across pathways, and flooring that isn’t secure are just a few of the ways that your loved one might be at risk of tripping and falling. It’s important to go through the entire house and determine what can be changed in order to help your loved one avoid a nasty fall.

Inadequate Lighting

Even if you manage to clear away all of the potential hazards in your elderly loved one’s path, there are other issues to consider. Inadequate lighting, for example, can cause your loved one to be uncertain where she’s going or what is in front of her, which can become a hazard in and of itself.

Lack of an Alarm or Security Features

When your elderly loved one first moved into her home, it’s possible that the neighborhood was very different. She may still feel safe there, but you may feel safer knowing that she has sturdier locks or even an alarm system in place.

If you need extra help figuring out how to make your loved one’s home safer for her, talk with her elder care providers. They’ve got experience helping elderly loved ones stay safe at home.

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