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Can Arthritis Cause a Senior to Have Headaches?

16 January 2023,

The word “arthritis” covers more than one hundred distinct illnesses that affect painful joints or joint disease. It can also call cause headaches. See how Home Care in La Jolla, CA can help.

elderly man with caregiver

How Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors with Diabetes

15 December 2022,

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming for your senior loved one. But Home Care Assistance in La Jolla, CA can help them make the changes they need.

elderly woman having sleep disorder

Tips to Help Seniors Get Better Sleep

5 December 2022,

Struggling with sleep can be difficult for anyone. It’s even harder for a senior to deal with a lack of proper sleep, but 24-Hour Home Care in La Jolla, CA can help.

asian elderly woman with back pain

Steps to Prevent Kidney Disease

23 November 2022,

While kidney disease can’t always be prevented, there are steps you and your loved one can take to reduce the impact. In-Home Care in La Jolla, CA can help.

thanksgiving turkey

Does a Heart-Healthy Diet Have to Put a Damper on Thanksgiving?

18 November 2022,

Your dad’s heart-healthy diet doesn’t have to take away his Thanksgiving favorites. Let Companion Care at Home in La Jolla, CA help you make adaptations.

meal delivery kit

Are Meal Kits a Good Option for Seniors

9 November 2022,

Can meal kits be a helpful way for seniors to get nutritious food? Let Home Care experts in La Jolla, CA help you decide.

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