Homecare in La Jolla CA: Foot Issues

Foot Issues in Elderly Adults

31 July 2020,

Homecare in La Jolla CA: As your elderly loved one gets older, they might think a lot about how they can stay healthy. They might think about their heart and gut health.

Home Health Care in La Jolla CA: Neighbor Help

Asking for Help from Neighbors

7 August 2019,

Home Health Care in La Jolla CA: For seniors living independently, neighbors can be an essential aid in their care process. Because seniors want to continue to live alone, caregivers may find their options for daily check-ins limited.

Senior Care in La Jolla CA: Sugar Awareness Week

What You Should Know About Nutrition During Sugar Awareness Week

3 January 2019,

Senior Care in La Jolla CA: January 20th through 26th is sugar awareness week. This is the ideal opportunity for you as a family caregiver to evaluate your senior’s diet and determine if they are consuming too much sugar, or together you can make the resolution to reduce sugar in your diet and pursue better health.

Senior Care in La Jolla CA: Senior Safety Tips

Tips for Reducing the Risk of Hospital Readmission

29 December 2017,

Senior Care in La Jolla CA: For many elderly adults, going to the hospital is simply a part of life that might occur once or even a couple of times each year. Seniors often struggle with chronic health issues that may need attention and hospital care.

Helping Your Parent Record Their Final Wishes

17 August 2017,

While it is not something that you want to think about, it is a reality that as a family caregiver you will eventually need […]

Senior Care in La Jolla CA

Tips for Caring for a Senior with Asthma

19 May 2017,

Approximately 8 percent of the population of the United States, or 25 million people, are currently living with asthma. As a family caregiver it […]