Healthy Fats: Home Care Assistance La Jolla CA

Home Care Assistance Can Help Seniors Eat Heart Healthy Fats

1 March 2023,

Home care assistance can help seniors eat better by choosing and cooking with heart healthy fats such as nuts, fruit, fish, and oils.

elderly man with caregiver

How Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors with Diabetes

15 December 2022,

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming for your senior loved one. But Home Care Assistance in La Jolla, CA can help them make the changes they need.

elderly woman decorating christmas tree

Home Care Assistance Makes Holiday Decorating Easier for Seniors

3 November 2022,

The holidays are just around the corner, and soon it will be time for seniors aging at home to start decorating their homes for the holiday. See how Home Care Assistance in La Costa, CA can help. .

Elderly man measuring blood pressure

High and Low Blood Pressure: What’s the Difference?

29 September 2022,

Do you know how high and low blood pressure differ? Do you know how to help prevent or remedy them? Let caregivers in La Costa, CA help.

elderly person crying

Treating Depression in the Elderly: How is it Done?

8 April 2022,

Is your elderly loved one experiencing clinical depression? Whether it is mild or more severe, it could be a good idea to have them see their doctor or a therapist.