Benefits of Companion Care at Home La Jolla, CA

The Benefits of Having Companion Care at Home

29 August 2023,

As your San Diego at home care specialists, it’s our pleasure to offer these articles as your go-to resource, featuring information, tips, advice and much more.

elderly woman with adult child

What Does it Look Like When Things Change for Your Senior?

3 July 2020,

Home Care in La Jolla CA: Life and your senior’s health can change quickly. It helps to know what to watch out for on a regular basis.

doctor examining elderly woman

Why Is Hearing Loss Dangerous for Your Senior?

25 January 2019,

Elder care in La Jolla CA: Hearing loss is inconvenient and irritating to your aging adult, but it can also potentially be dangerous.

Homecare in LaJolla CA: Benefits Of Senior Giving Up Their Car

What Benefits Could Your Senior Gain from Giving up Her Car?

12 April 2018,

Homecare in LaJolla CA: Your senior can gain some benefits if she decides to give up her car.

Caregivers in La Jolla CA

Helping Your Elderly Parent Cope with Sundowner’s

30 November 2016,

Caregivers in La Jolla CA Anyone would agree that being a family caregiver for an elderly adult who is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease is […]

Caregiver Tips in La Jolla CA

Caregiver Tips: Simple Stretches to Perform Throughout the Day

8 June 2016,

Caregiver Tips in La Jolla CA As a family caregiver, you put your body through a lot every day. You are constantly moving, standing, […]