6 September 2014,

This month of observance for healthy aging is held annually to focus attention on the positive side of aging. The mission of this annual observance is to promote the idea that each individual is personally responsible for their own health in every area – physical, mental, social and financial.Caregivers La Jolla CA

Every person who continues to add days, weeks and years onto their lifetime is going to age anyway. In that case, wouldn’t you rather age in a healthy way? Most people would answer with a resounding, “yes!”

The interest in healthy aging can be adopted by you and your elderly loved one. There are some strategies you can even work on together, like healthier eating and more physical exercise. A home care provider can also assist your loved one in making healthier meals and taking them to exercise class.

Facts about choosing healthy aging

  1. It’s never too late to take control of your own health
  2. It’s never too late to start something new
  3. Anyone can begin new activities and throw off old stereotypes about aging

Strategies to use in your own healthy aging endeavors

  1. Looking for a new job? You’re never too old to complete some new training. With your elderly loved one all set up with a home care provider, you are free to go back to school, do an internship or switch careers completely. Now is the time to show off skills that only come with maturity!
  2. Take a vacation. You’ve been busy the past few years and a vacation has been put off and put off. Now’s the time to take it. You will come back physically and emotionally energized. You need the chance to get away for a while.
  3. Dance like the night will never end. In other words, find a physical exercise you really love and then do it regularly. Elderly adults who participate in regular physical exercise reduce their risk of dementia by 60%. It doesn’t have to be dance class either. You can choose walking, swimming, cycling, yoga and many others.
  4. Participate in music. Go to concerts, listen to music, dance to it, however you can get involved in it. Music has been proven to be good for both body and soul.
  5. Take up painting. Or how about a hobby like woodworking, knitting, sculpting or something else you can do with your hands to make a creation. Using your brain’s creativity along with your hands and/or feet, will help you to enjoy a higher level of well-being. It’s also very relaxing and a good stress-buster.
  6. Eat fresh and healthful foods. See what you can buy at your local farmer’s market. Make as many meals from scratch as you can. Skip the processed foods and eat whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables.

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