elderly person with caregiver
24 September 2021,

Caregivers: If your senior’s brain isn’t working well, so many other aspects of her life might feel complicated and at risk, too.

Keeping your senior’s brain healthy is a lot easier than you might think, especially if you’re paying attention to some of these important factors of brain health. Caregivers are available to help you with this.

Help Her Get Plenty of Sleep

Your senior’s brain needs plenty of sleep, whether she agrees or not. Sleep deprivation has even been shown to be just as detrimental to brain function as drinking. Making changes to your senior’s sleep habits can help her to improve her cognitive abilities and to feel less as though she’s battling with her brain to remember things or to make decisions.

Work on Working Out

Exercise can also help with brain function. It helps with mood and with circulation throughout the body, both of which are important in terms of keeping your senior’s brain healthy. Check with her doctor to make sure that exercise is something that is safe for your senior to start doing on a regular basis. Once you’ve got that clearance, find something that is enjoyable for her and ramp up slowly.

Help Her to Feel Less Lonely

Isolation and loneliness are far more important to how your senior’s brain functions than she might think. People who are alone and feeling lonely are at a much greater risk of developing depression and other mental health issues. Something as simple as companion care at home can offer so much to your senior, just in terms of having a friendly face around more often. Home care providers can also help with so many other tasks.

Find Things that Keep Her Thinking

Keeping your senior’s brain working also means literally keeping it working. If she’s got hobbies that she loves, encourage her to keep up with them. Crafting, reading, and learning new things all keep her brain’s gears turning, which is really important for brain health. Your senior’s horizons don’t have to be limited, either. Access to companion caregivers at home can mean your elderly family member is better able to go to classes that she wants to attend or engage in any number of activities that keep her brain happy.

Brain health is crucial for overall health. Your senior is going to do much better with keeping her brain active and engaged when you’ve both got a plan for helping her to make that happen.

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