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15 July 2022,

After your senior parent has a stroke, they may be in the hospital for some time or need to be in a rehabilitation facility where they can recover before going home. But once they are released to go home, that doesn’t mean they won’t need help. Most seniors recovering from a stroke need professional caregivers after they go home. Senior home care is the best way to make sure that your senior loved one isn’t alone in case of a medical emergency. Senior home care can also help seniors with these everyday tasks that seniors in recovery often need help with:


When your senior loved one is recovering at home after a stroke, they will probably not be up to the physical challenges of keeping the house clean. Senior home care can include housekeeping and basic chores like doing dishes, laundry, and vacuuming. This gives your senior loved one the time to focus on recovering in a clean and comfortable environment where they won’t have to worry about tripping and falling or lifting heavy things.

Meal Preparation

Part of recovery after a stroke is making some dietary changes and focusing on eating a healthy diet. But cooking healthy meals usually involves food preparation, which your senior loved one may not be ready to do after a stroke. With home care, your senior loved one can get the healthy meals they should be eating to help their recovery without having to do the prep work themselves. Also, a home care provider can do all the cleanup, allowing your loved one to rest.

Taking Medication

After a stroke, your senior parent may need to be on many medications to help manage their health and prevent another stroke. It can be unclear for seniors to keep track of all their medications, what times the medicines need to be taken, and whether or not they need to be taken with food. A trained home care provider can take over managing your senior loved one’s medications to ensure they are taking their medications when and how they are prescribed. They can also call in refills and organize the medicines so that your senior loved one won’t run out and knows exactly how much medication they have on hand.

Getting Around The House

One of seniors’ most challenging parts of stroke recovery is just getting around the house. Moving from room to room can be a slow process, and getting up and down stairs can be difficult and dangerous. For seniors who have had a stroke getting into the shower can be difficult because of the risk of falling, and so can getting out of the shower. Having senior home care will ensure that your senior parent isn’t left alone and that they will have help when they need it. That will give you and your senior parent peace of mind while recovering.

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