Caregiver in San Diego CA: High Blood Pressure
16 July 2021,

High blood pressure is a much bigger health condition than a lot of people suspect it is.

If your senior has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, she may want to try some of these ideas to help.

Adjust Her Activity Levels

Exercise is very important for managing high blood pressure because it helps your senior’s heart and lungs to work more efficiently, which in turn can help her to reduce her blood pressure. Any exercise plan that she starts should be discussed first with her doctor to ensure that she’s not overdoing it. Pushing herself too hard can be unsafe.


Look at Her Diet More Closely

What your senior eats can affect her blood pressure significantly. Her doctor may recommend that she makes changes like limiting her salt intake and increasing her water intake. Even small changes to her diet can help her to bring down her blood pressure just a little bit.


Maintain a Healthy Weight

Sometimes people who are overweight have issues with blood pressure, simply because of that excess weight. It makes the heart work harder, and that’s not great for high blood pressure issues. Simply by changing your senior’s diet and activity levels she might find that she naturally starts to lose a little bit of weight. With each pound she’s able to lose, she can start to gain a little more control over her blood pressure.


Reduce Stressors

Stress is a huge issue in terms of health issues. And it’s a vicious circle because if your senior’s blood pressure is part of what’s stressing her out, that doesn’t help. Finding ways to reduce your elderly family member’s stressors is really important. It can be as simple as bringing in a caregiver to help her with tasks that are more difficult than they used to be.


Quit Smoking

If your elderly family member is a smoker, quitting smoking can do so much in terms of benefitting her overall health. It can be so hard to quit smoking, especially if your senior has done so for a long time. Talk with her doctor about how you can make that easier for her if she’s willing to give it a try.

Your elderly family member can do more than she thinks in order to bring her high blood pressure levels down, but she may still need medication. It’s important that she takes her medication as prescribed to get the full benefits.


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