Caregiver in La Costa CA: Caregiver Tips
13 September 2019,

Your elderly family member might have seemed a little more down than usual lately and that can be tied to how much social interaction she’s getting. These ideas can help.


Is She Lonely?

Your senior might have a different idea about how much social interaction is right for her, but she might still be lonely. Being isolated and lonely can lead to bigger problems, like depression, and that can be avoided. Remember how socially active she was in the past and how she dealt with being social and apply that information to now.


Home Care Providers Offer Companionship

One way to offer consistent companionship for your senior, especially when you can’t be there, is to hire home care providers. They can spend time with your senior and handle little tasks here and there that make her life easier. This can also be a good way to assess whether your senior is feeling lonely and needs more social interaction, too.


She Might Be Open to New Activities

Becoming more active with other people can be one way to get your senior more socially active. Having a hobby to enjoy can also be a huge part of keeping her mood and her spirits high. Look around for a variety of different activities that she might enjoy. Senior centers, community colleges, and even hobby stores are good places to find activities to explore.


Consider a Group Calendar

With a group calendar, friends and family members can see when it’s okay to visit your senior. You can block out specific time slots that are “open” and adjust as needed. This is a great way to avoid having tons of people show up at the same time or worse, having no one show up to visit your senior at all. This way everyone knows what her schedule looks like in terms of openings for visits.


Talk to Your Senior about What She Wants

Make sure that throughout this process you talk to your senior about what she wants. You may feel that she needs to be socially active and she might be overwhelmed by too much social interaction. Keep your finger on the pulse of how she’s doing because too much going on can cause her mood to plummet, too.

This can be a delicate balancing act for your senior. Some days she might feel more able to be social than others. So you might have to tweak these ideas a bit to fit her needs.


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