elderly man in wheelchair 
14 April 2023,

Elder care is defined as the care of an older adult by a paid caregiver or family member. It’s a service you’re realizing your dad needs after his doctor diagnosed him with heart disease. What are six things you should know about elder care?

Your Dad Maintains His Independence

When your dad has elder care aides helping him with daily routines, he’s able to live independently without risk. His caregiver can remind him to take his daily prescriptions and drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

His Household Chores Are Done

One of the biggest rules is that your dad has to be active without overexerting himself. Some household tasks are too much. He can dust and fold laundry, but walking down the steep basement stairs to his laundry room is not advised.

Carrying the vacuum up the stairs while vacuuming each step is too strenuous. Housekeeping chores like those have to be done by someone else. An elder care provider can handle them.

Your Dad Won’t Be Lonely and Isolated

After his diagnosis, your dad is more anxious than usual. He hates being alone and he can’t drive, so he feels isolated. His caregiver with him each day to help ease his fear of being alone if something happens.

His caregiver can join him on walks, help him in his garden, join him on shopping trips and other outings, and keep him company at home. He’ll have a caregiver to watch movies with, eat meals with him, or play his favorite card games or board games.

Elder Care Aides Cook Meals For Him

Your dad’s elder care aides can cook his meals. He needs to avoid takeout with a lot of sodium, added sugar, and saturated fat, and he also needs to stop eating frozen dinners with those ingredients.

With his caregiver’s help, he has home-cooked meals that meet his dietary needs. He’ll have meals with whole grains, plenty of fresh veggies, and lean proteins.

Your Dad Has the Rides He Needs

After being diagnosed with heart disease, your dad’s medical team may recommend that he doesn’t drive. The risk of causing an accident that hurts him or others is too great. That doesn’t mean you have to be the person driving him around.

Your dad’s elder care aide can drive him to his medical appointments and wait for him in the waiting room. When he’s done, his caregiver will take him home or help him run any necessary errands before heading home.

If your dad needs to go shopping, his caregiver can drive him. If he wants to attend a social event at a nearby senior center or community center, that’s also an option.

Elder Care Helps More Than Your Dad

When your dad needs more support than you and other family members have time or energy to give, arrange elder care. You won’t burn out while balancing your job, your family life, your social needs, and your dad’s care. Call an elder care advisor to learn more.

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