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8 February 2021,

As we get older, our bodies start to change. We might not be able to do all the things we once loved doing as a result. When this occurs, it’s only natural to start feeling stressed out and anxious. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the elderly population to cope with higher levels of stress and anxiety.

If you’re helping a loved one grow older, like a parent or a grandparent, you might bear witness to this stress first-hand. Luckily, there are countless ways to reduce stress as your loved one ages. Here are some of the best ways you can encourage healthy living with less stress for your loved one.

1. Make their home easier to navigate

If your loved one struggles with mobility issues, the simple act of moving around the house can become a challenge. This is especially true if your parent has lived in the same house for decades. Older homes are often not as accommodating for people with special needs or mobility issues. Your parent might also feel frustrated because they used to move around the same house with ease just a few years earlier.

The best thing you can do is work with a caregiver from a home health agency. For example, you might want to install a bar near the shower to make it easier for your loved one to get in and out. You might also think about installing a ramp instead of stairs that lead to the front door.

The home modifications you need to invest in will change depending on the needs of your loved one, but this is often a good start. Communicate with the caregivers San Diego trusts to make more informed housing decisions as your loved one ages. This will reduce your parent’s levels of daily stress since they’re able to move around their house without worry.

2. Work with professional home health caregivers

If your parent struggles with more than one daily task, it might be time to think about contacting a professional home health caregiver. These professionals are adept at tailoring the right health plan for your loved one’s needs. The best part? Your parent doesn’t need to leave the comfort of their home.

This is key for parents struggling with anxiety. More than 90% of older folks hope to stay at home as they age. If the thought of moving into a nursing facility stresses them out, relying on home care services will ease your parent’s worries and enable them to age in place. This reduces the stress associated with moving and allows your loved one to adapt to the new challenges of aging without turning their life upside down.

3. Keep active at all costs

One of the primary stressors we experience as we age is a lack of mobility. When you aren’t able to get around like you used to, it’s only natural to feel a little frustrated. While some are related to conditions like arthritis and other age-related diagnoses, many bodily aches and pains can be mitigated with regular exercise.

Exercising regularly has also been shown to reduce stress levels in people of all ages. Talk to your home health caregivers about which exercise plans will work best for your loved one. Some caregivers are even able to implement regimens recommended by physical therapy to keep your parent’s body limber and flexible. This is also key if your loved one is recovering from an accident. Regardless, moving your body has been shown to help your health and reduce stress. Talk to your caregiver for more information!

When you’re ready to invest in your loved one’s health, rely on the home health caregivers at La Jolla Nurses Homecare. Our experienced caregivers can provide your aging parent with the stress resources they need as they get older. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional staff today.


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