In-home caretaker pouring elderly woman a cup of tea
28 July 2022,

When seniors are faced with the decision of aging at home or moving into assisted living, one of the significant concerns that they have, and that their families have, is safety. Seniors living alone at home could be targets for criminals who prey on vulnerable seniors. They could also be at risk of falling when they are alone and unable to get help. Or of having an accident at home. But for many seniors aging in place is still the better option. Staying in their familiar home gives them a better quality of life and more happiness, which is essential. There are ways to manage the risks of being at aging at home, like getting 24-hour home care.

24-hour home care is often more affordable than assisted living, and it provides many of the same benefits like:


Since safety is the biggest concern most family members have about seniors aging in place, that’s one of the most substantial reasons seniors should have home care. When your senior loved one has 24-hour home care, they will always have someone with them to help them if they have an accident, fall, or need help. And with security cameras, an alarm system, and someone who is there around the clock, they will be much less likely to be targeted by criminals. Seniors can be perfectly safe at home when they have 24-hour care.


Another big concern family members have about seniors aging in place is loneliness. They worry that their senior parent will become isolated and shut off from the world if they are living in their home alone. Especially if their children don’t live close enough to visit every day or if their spouse or friends have passed away. But with around-the-clock care, your senior parent will always have companionship. There will always be someone they like and trust to talk with, share a meal, watch TV, or do activities. Your senior parent won’t be lonely or isolated.

Help With Household Chores

Managing a household isn’t always easy, but seniors can manage it quite well with some home care help. With someone to help them do the big jobs like vacuuming, laundry, dusting, and so on, you won’t have to worry about the house being clean and safe. And a care provider can help your senior loved one pay the bills, help protect them from scams and ensure that the house is getting any updates or repairs needed to be safe for your senior loved one to live there.

Medication Management

Another benefit to 24-hour home care is that your senior loved one will have expert help managing their medications. The care team can ensure your senior loved one doesn’t have any harmful interactions between medications. They can monitor the drugs that your senior loved one is taking and track any side effects. And they can make sure that refills are done before your senior loved one is out of the medication, so they are never without the medicine they need.


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