Senior Care Tips: Alzheimer’s
13 August 2021,

Senior Care Tips: Does your elderly loved one have Alzheimer’s disease?

If so, they may end up wandering. Even if this isn’t something they do yet and not all Alzheimer’s patients do it, this could happen. It is best to prepare for wandering before it happens with the following senior care tips. That way, you have a plan for how to prevent it and how to handle it.

Using Daily Routines

It is best for people who have Alzheimer’s disease to use daily routines. The more structure they have in their life, the less likely they will be to wander. This is because they become familiar with what they need to do throughout the day and night. Your elderly loved one should even be eating their meals on a somewhat strict schedule. If needed, you can get your elderly loved one personal care at home. The home care providers can help them stick to daily routines.

Hiding House and Car Keys

Even though your elderly loved one doesn’t drive anymore, there still may be a vehicle in the driveway. This might be your car or a home care provider’s vehicle. It is a good idea to hide the car keys, so your elderly loved one can’t get them.

It is also a good idea to put the house keys somewhere that your elderly loved one can’t find them. Sometimes, family caregivers need to put locks up high on the exterior doors of the house. This can prevent your elderly loved one from leaving the house when you or the senior care providers take your eyes off them. If they have access to the keys for these locks, they may be able to wander off.

Having a Tracking Device

Another way that you can prepare for wandering with Alzheimer’s disease is by having a tracking device on them. There are many different types of tracking devices that you can get. There are bracelets, watches, and necklaces. You can even have devices sewed into your elderly loved one’s clothes or jackets. There are devices you can put in shoes, too. You may want to have more than one tracking device to lower the risk of not being able to find your loved one if they wander off.


If you are a family caregiver for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease, wandering is something you need to prepare for. The more that you prepare for this, the fewer issues that will come up if your elderly loved one starts wandering.

If your elderly loved one has started wandering, it may be a good idea to use the above senior care tips and get personal care at home services for them.


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