Senior Care: Flu
17 September 2021,

Senior Care: Is your elderly loved one struggling with the flu?

Maybe they have a fever, body aches, or chills. Unfortunately, many senior citizens get the flu every year. The symptoms can range from mild to very severe. If you are caring for your elderly loved one while they have the flu, there are some tips for handling the symptoms they are having or will have. Senior Care is a great service to have during the flu season.


Avoiding Spreading Germs

The first and most important thing for your elderly loved one to do is try to keep their distance from other people. The more they are near other people, the more likely they will be to get those people sick. Then, if they stay in contact with others after they are sick, the germs could continue being spread back and forth. If that happens, it will take much longer for everyone to start feeling better. If you can’t afford to take time off work or from your kids because you get sick, you can have senior home care providers take care of your elderly loved one while they are sick. The home care providers can remind your loved one to wash their hands and help prevent the spread of germs in other ways, too.

Treating Breathing Issues

If your elderly loved one has the flu, they might experience some difficulties breathing. If this symptom is moderate to severe, you or a senior home care provider may want to take your loved one to the doctor. Their doctor may need to put your elderly loved one on an inhaler or breathing treatments. If this is the case, the senior care providers can remind your elderly loved one to take their medications. That way, they can start feeling better sooner.

Staying Hydrated

If your elderly loved one is sick with the flu, it may be difficult for them to eat and drink. They may not be able to keep much down. However, it is extremely important to remind your elderly loved one to stay hydrated. If they become dehydrated, they are likely going to get even sicker. They don’t have to drink a lot at once. If your elderly loved one can drink even a glass or two of water every few hours, that can help to keep them hydrated. Staying hydrated can reduce pain, control pain, and help reduce other symptoms of the flu, as well.


There are many senior citizens who get sick with the flu. If your elderly loved one has the flu, it is important to help them in managing their symptoms. You can start by using the tips that are mentioned here today. Don’t forget that if your elderly loved one has moderate to severe symptoms or they just don’t feel very well at all, you or a senior care provider should take them to see a doctor. Your elderly loved one might need to be put on medications to help manage their symptoms until they start feeling better.

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