Elderly Care in Pacific Beach CA: What is Eczema

Caring for Seniors with Eczema

13 September 2018,

Elderly Care in Pacific Beach CA: Chronic skin conditions like eczema are more common in elderly adults because of the changes that take place to the skin. Eczema is a skin condition that can be irritating and even painful due to dry, scaly patches of skin.

Home Care Services in La Jolla CA: Zumba

Adapting Zumba to Fit Your Mom’s Mobility Issues

5 September 2018,

Home Care Services in La Jolla CA: Your mom loves watching others do Zumba. She loves the dance beats and seemingly easy steps. Her mobility issues have you concerned that Zumba might be too much for her to handle.

Homecare in La Costa CA: Caregiver Assistance

I Think My Aging Loved One Struggles with Day-to-Day Tasks

28 August 2018,

Homecare in La Costa CA: Does your elderly relative struggle with their day-to-day tasks because of a physical disability? If so, they are not alone. Millions of Americans over the age of 65 are dealing with illness, disease and chronic conditions that make it very difficult to complete daily tasks.

Elder Care Coronado CA: Alzheimer's Diagnosis

How Do You Know Which Stage of Alzheimer’s is Affecting Your Dad?

22 August 2018,

Elder Care Coronado CA: Alzheimer’s is a frightening diagnosis. Worse is that doctors don’t often tell you much about how bad it is. You’re left to figure it out on your own.

Senior Care in Pacific Beach CA: Caregiver Stress

Tips for Reducing Your Stress as a Distance Caregiver

15 August 2018,

Senior Care in Pacific Beach CA: There are several ways that caring for an aging parent from a distance can be more stressful than a conventional caregiver relationship. When you are caring for your parent from a distance, it is not as easy for you to monitor their condition on a regular basis.

Could Your Senior’s Anxiety Be Related to Their Parkinson’s Disease?  

7 August 2018,

Home Care Services in La Jolla CA: When considering care for an aging adult who is living with Parkinson’s disease, it is important to think not just about their physical health and safety, but also their mental and emotional well-being.

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