9 March 2014,

Aging in a familiar place is a concept that many seniors want to do.  They want to stay in the home they have lived in through the years and raised a family.   They don’t want to give up their independence, or their privacy.  However, as seniors age, help is going to be needed.   And if a spouse is ill, the spouse who is caregiving may not be able to handle taking care of the ill spouse alone.   Housework, preparing meals and keeping up with the laundry then may become overwhelming.   However, there are some services which can help assist with these daily tasks.

A home care service can help with many issues that seniors may have:

A caregiver can do light housekeeping, help to prepare meals, do the laundry and even water plants.

If a senior needs help with bathing and dressing, assistance can also be provided.

The caregiver can provide transportation to appointments and social engagements too.


Plus the caregiver can give the primary family caretaker a chance to have a day, or take days off.

This would give a chance for personal appointments, shopping, visits with friends or whatever the primary caregiver would want to do.   You can rest assure knowing your loved one will be in capable hands.

In addition to home care services, senior centers can provide social activities for seniors.  Usually they offer painting, card games, crafts and celebrations of holidays for the seniors to enjoy with others.  Meals can be served and new friends can be made.  Some senior centers even provide their own transportation for seniors who need to be picked up.  It’s a great place to get out and socialize with other seniors.

If a loved one needs to get out of the house but isn’t capable of being alone, there are also Adult Day Centers.  These are for seniors who may have Alzheimer’s, dementia, other mental disorders or certain medical issues.  The service is provided all day with meals and the senior then comes back to the home at night.  There is social interaction, music and mental stimulation.  When the senior goes here, it provides the primary caregiver a much-needed break.  The caregiver knows the senior is safe, and the change of scenery does the senior good.

There is also Respite Care.  Respite Care is for the primary caregiver to get a break from taking care of the loved one. A senior caregiver comes in from an agency and stays with the loved one for a couple of hours.  Sometimes it can be longer if the primary caregiver needs to go on vacation or just relax.  This provides relief for the primary caregiver and a change of pace for the loved one.

There are places to get help for the senior who needs it.  Most are just a phone call away, and all that needs to be done is placing the phone call.

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