home health care services
29 November 2021,

As people get older and develop disabilities, they might need extra help in order to live safely in their homes. In order to get this help, families often hire a home health care service to come in and take care of their loved ones. This is very common, with 80% of Americans receiving care in their homes instead of in a facility according to Assisting Hands. If you are considering hiring a home health aide for a loved one, make sure that you ask these questions before making any decisions.

What Are Your Safety Practices?

You’re entrusting the wellbeing of your family member to this home health care service, so it is important that you know how safe they are. Ask them about their staff certifications and what happens if there is an emergency. Thankfully, with La Jolla Nurses Homecare, you can trust that each caregiver is a certified Nurse licensed in the state of California, so you don’t need to worry about safety. Many seniors can either shorten or avoid stays in medical facilities when they depend on the caring staff at La Jolla Nurses Homecare.

What Services Do You Offer?

Different programs will offer different services. Some homecare services will be strictly medical, coming in to help your loved one with health maintenance and medication. Others might focus more on social aspects of health, spending time with the patient, and offering companionship. You might also find some that offer help with light housework in order to keep the patient in a clean, comfortable environment. Consider what kinds of help your loved one needs as you search for a place that will provide that help.

What Are Your Hiring Practices?

You and your loved one will be directly interacting with the staff of the home health care service you hire. You’ll trust them to come into your loved one’s homes and handle their medical needs. It is important that you know they are able to do the job safely. What kinds of certifications are required? Are your caregivers actual trained nurses? Their answers will help you determine if you want to trust them with your relative’s safety.

Hiring a home health care service can make it safe for someone to stay in their home. As long as you have a program that is safe, effective, and makes your loved one feel comfortable, you can ease the stress of health issues and caregiving on your family and bring in someone to help. Contact La Jolla Nurses Homecare for quality care today!