Home Health Care in San Diego CA: Parkinson’s Disease
29 January 2021,

Parkinson’s Disease is a disorder that affects the brain and can lead to problems with walking, balance, and coordination.

While both men and women can get Parkinson’s disease, it does occur about 50% more often in men and usually begins around age 60. If your parent has been diagnosed with having Parkinson’s disease, his health care provider will work with him and you to develop the best strategy for helping your parent manage his symptoms and keep living in his home. Here are some important ways for you to ensure your elderly parent is managing his disease well.


Proper nutrition plays an important part in so many aspects of a healthy lifestyle. While there’s not a specific diet created for those who have Parkinson’s disease, there are certain foods that can help provide relief for some of the symptoms your parent may be experiencing due to his diagnosis. If your parent suffers with constipation, you will want to help him add more fiber to his diet through fresh fruit and vegetables. If your elder care provider brings your parent grocery shopping, make sure the shopping list contains plenty of both. Your elder care provider can then also encourage your parent to eat these fresh fruits and vegetables by having them ready for quick consumption by cleaning, slicing (when appropriate), and having them readily available in the fridge or on the counter.


Having your parent perform the regular-scheduled exercises, such as walking, swimming or yoga can help his body improve mobility and balance, both of which suffer due to the side effects of Parkinson’s disease. Building up strength in his muscles through strength-training exercises will also help him manage his symptoms. Always check with his physician first to make sure he is able to start a new workout program and enlist your elder care provider for assistance where needed. Your elder care provider can accompany your parent on walks or oversee his swimming or yoga lessons.

Assemble a Good Care Team

Parkinson’s disease will affect many aspects of your parent’s life, so it’s important you don’t try to manage them all as his caregiver. Work with your elder care provider to help perform any tasks around the home that your parent needs, as well as communicate with the proper professionals to help him live with his symptoms better. Physicians, therapists (such as speech or physical), counselors, and pharmacists can all help you find the best solutions to many of the symptoms your parent now needs to live with on a daily basis.


Your parent’s physician may prescribe medications to help alleviate or manage specific symptoms he may have like tremors or sleep problems. Almost all patients with Parkinson’s disease will eventually need some type of medication to help with their motor symptoms. Your Caregivers in San Diego CA can help by ensuring your parent takes his needed medications and doesn’t run out of his prescriptions.

The road ahead may be a bit more difficult to traverse, but by helping your parent make the needed adjustments and providing good support, he will be able to live a life with Parkinson’s disease with hope and enjoyment.

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