Senior Man Relaxing In Hammock
24 April 2020,

People across the U.S. are still at home until stay-home orders are lifted.
The current pandemic is certainly on your mind. April is also National Month of Hope. While it may not seem that nothing is pleasant right now, finding hope is important. Here are some of the ways people have found bright spots during the pandemic. They may help you find your own.

Dairy Delivered to Your Door

In areas where dairy farmers are struggling, they’ve come up with a way to avoid having to dump milk. Instead, they’re packaging their dairy items and delivering them. These dairy farmers set up a storefront online, sell items, and deliver them on specific days of the week.

You get to avoid having to go to a store for staples like milk, yogurt, cream cheese, ricotta, and butter. Some add freshly baked bread and homemade granola to the inventory to go along with the butter or milk. The farmer is still able to move his or her dairy products. Arrange for milk delivery and see if it takes your parents back to their childhood when milkmen were a normal part of weekly living.

It’s a Chance to Slow Down

You can’t go out to eat. You can’t go to the movies. Time in stores is limited. While that can seem boring, it also gives you the chance to slow down. You don’t have to rush to get errands done on the weekend. You’re not rushing to get your kids to school. You may not be commuting to work and dealing with rush hour traffic.

You Can Learn Something New

While you’re home and in a self-quarantine, you have the chance to learn something new. Learn a new language or learn some basic coding skills. Take a free online class from one of the many colleges that offer free courses. You could get off the computer and learn a new hobby like painting or crocheting instead. Get outside with a camera and hone your photography skills.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or can’t leave your house to check on your parents, talk to a senior care agency. Your parents don’t have to be alone when you can’t get to them. Caregivers can go instead. They can cook, clean, do laundry, and keep your parents company. Learn more by calling a senior care agency with your list of questions and your parents’ needs.


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