Home Health Care in Coronado CA: Pill Organizers
21 February 2020,

Your dad takes several medications each day. He also has a few vitamin supplements that his doctor recommends. As a result, he has about six pills he’s managing each day. He’s often forgetting to take those medications at the right time.

You don’t want him to forget and miss a dosage or double a dosage accidentally. Could a pill organizer help him manage his medications and supplements each day?


What to Look for in a Pill Organizer

Pill organizers come in a variety of styles. You have simple plastic containers with snap lids that sort seven days of pills. There are larger mechanical ones that hold an entire month of pills and don’t open the door until the right time each day. This is handy if your dad has a hard time remembering what day of the week it is.

There’s even an automatic pill dispenser that dispenses the pills into a cup and connects to an app. That app tells you when pills are running low. It limits the number of pills that can be taken each day if you need it. For example, if your dad takes an NSAID for arthritis pain, you could set the app to limit him to six ibuprofen pills per day. Plus, you can order medication refills through their pharmacy service.


Someone Has to Fill It

No matter what pill organizer you decide to purchase, you do need to be available to fill it each week or month. If you live hours away. You need to have a family member or friend who is close by that can do it for you. If that’s not possible, you could look at prescription services that mail the pills in daily packs. The pills are sorted into packets that are opened one per day. That may be easier.

There’s one other option. Talk to a senior care agency about medication management care services.


Consider Senior Care Instead

You could consider hiring caregivers from a senior care agency. He’ll have someone reminding him to take his medications, but he also gains companionship and assistance with other tasks. He could have a caregiver around to help with laundry and housework. He may prefer to have a caregiver with him when he goes shopping.

To arrange senior care services, call an agency. You’ll get answers to your questions, learn more about how much caregivers cost and find out the best way to decide how much help your dad needs.

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