Home Health Care in Coronado CA: Senior Diabetes Tips
14 November 2018,

Support from home care providers is helpful no matter what situation your senior is in, but if she has diabetes she might find their assistance even more useful. So many factors of your elderly family member’s care plan are easier if she has multiple layers of support.


Meal Preparation Is Super Important

What your elderly family member eats, particularly while she manages her diabetes, is one of the most important things for her to manage. But eating healthy meals is often a process that involves a lot more effort than she might be interested in implementing. Having home care providers there to help her to eat the right mix of foods cooked in a healthy manner is something that can benefit her immensely. Elder care providers can also help with shopping for those healthy foods.


So Is Glucose Testing

Your senior’s doctor should give her a recommended range in which her blood glucose levels are healthiest. Tracking those levels with regular testing is crucial, but it’s not always easy to remember to do these simple tests. Home care providers can remind your loved one that it’s time to test again and even help if she needs assistance.


Her Doctor Might Recommend Exercise

Another recommendation that your elderly family member might get from her doctor could be to start an exercise plan. If her mobility is not as strong as she would like it to be, exercising can help her to improve it. In the meantime, having elder care providers there while she exercises helps to lessen the risk of experiencing a fall. They can make sure that she’s lowering her fall risk overall and offer help with stabilization and support during exercise.


Other Issues Can Become an Issue with Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to so many other complications, from neuropathy to vision problems. Keeping your elderly family member’s glucose levels in check can help to minimize those complications, but that’s not everything that goes into the process. Talk with your senior’s doctor about what else she can do in order to keep those complications from having a bigger impact on her life.

Home care providers can take a little bit of the effort of managing diabetes off your senior’s shoulders. This means that she can spend more of her time enjoying her life and resting, which can help her to keep her blood glucose levels in the right ranges for her.


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