Home Care Services in La Jolla CA: Zumba
5 September 2018,

Your mom loves watching others do Zumba. She loves the dance beats and seemingly easy steps. Her mobility issues have you concerned that Zumba might be too much for her to handle.

Here are ways you can adapt easy Zumba routines to meet your mom’s abilities.


-Stick to Basic Routines

If you’re doing Zumba from a video, pick one designed for beginners. Zumba Gold is a good program for seniors. The choreography is designed for a senior citizen’s slower movements and weakening bones and muscles that some experience. Salsa and Merengue steps might be easier for your mom to learn at first.


-Use a Chair if Needed

If your mom cannot stand for a long time, have a chair available. She can do the upper body movements while sitting in a chair. She can move her feet along to some of the steps, too. If she needs something for balance, the back of a chair is great for support while doing the steps.

-Move to the Pool

Water adds resistance to leg movements, but it eases the strain on muscles and joints. Your mom can do Zumba routines in the pool. She should focus on the upper body and arm movements over the leg movements. If she wants to work out the legs. She can use a pool float for support and move the legs in the deeper end of the pool.

-Create Short Routines

Your mom may not have the stamina for a half hour of Zumba. Instead of long routines, create short routines and do them throughout the day. Get up and dance to one song before she showers. After lunch, do another song. Do the same before dinner.
As her stamina increases, she may be ready to tackle longer routines. Never make her work to the point of exhaustion. Take small steps to help her improve balance and stamina slowly over a span of weeks.

-Always Talk to Her Doctor First

Before starting any new exercise routine, talk to your mom’s doctor. Make sure it’s okay for her to participate in a fitness program like Zumba. If she’s given the go-ahead, make sure she stretches her muscles first. She needs to do a gentle warm-up routine to prevent damage to the muscles or joints.

If you’re not around when she’s doing Zumba workout, hire a caregiver to supervise. Caregivers can make sure she hydrates before and after a workout. A caregiver is there in case something happens and to make sure she doesn’t over exert. Call a home care agency to discuss caregivers and their rates.


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