Home Care in La Costa CA: Making A Homemade Mask
17 April 2020,

The CDC’s guidelines on face masks changed recently. Now, it is recommended that people wear a homemade face mask if they’re going to get groceries, prescription medications, or into other settings where there’s a risk of people being clustered.


Your parents should stay at home. You or a home care aide can run errands for them. Many stores and restaurants are offering delivery for now as a protective measure. Take advantage of those changes. If your parents have to go out, they need a face mask. You can make a homemade face mask with items you likely have on hand already.


What You Need

A cotton dish towel, bandanna, sheet, or cotton dress shirt is best for these no-sewing homemade face masks. A bandanna or dish towel will be hemmed, which keeps it from fraying. You can cut squares out of cotton sheets, dress shirts, or other cotton items if you don’t have anything else.

You also need a couple of larger hair ties or rubber bands. You want them long enough so that they can wrap around your ears without pinching.

Making the Mask

Before you make the mask, you should wash the fabric square in hot water. This helps shrink the material if it’s not pre-shrunk, and also kills germs that may be present. You should also consider wiping down the counter or table you’re using to make the masks with a disinfectant wipe as an added precaution.

Lay the cotton square on a flat surface. Fold the top and bottom to the center of that cloth. Repeat that step. A smaller rectangle remains. On this rectangle, pull each end through a rubber band or hair tie. Shift the hair tie or rubber band so that it’s approximately three inches from the edge. Fold each edge to the center.

Hold the ends in place as you position the fabric rectangle over your face. Loop the hair ties or rubber bands over your ears to hold the mask in place over your nose and mouth.


Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. Surgeon General, has a quick instructional video on making a quick and easy homemade face mask. If you need a visual guide, this one is very helpful.


Home care services help your parents during the pandemic. As they stay at home and follow state orders, they need someone to get their groceries, pick up medications, and check-in. If something is wrong, time may be of the essence. If a caregiver is checking on them daily, any issues can be addressed quickly.


That’s just a small sample of the services home care aides offer. From housekeeping to laundry, caregivers make sure your parents never have to struggle to get tasks done around the home.


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