Elder Care in Pacific Beach CA: Home Care Services
30 October 2020,


Sarah was doing pretty well. She was a nurse at a local clinic with two daughters in elementary school. Her mother, Eloise, had come to live with them a few years back after she had been diagnosed with dementia. Eloise liked to help around the house, and she really enjoyed the activity group she participated in several days per week. The kids liked school. All in all, the four ladies made a happy household.

Then the pandemic hit. Things started closing down. Eloise’s activity group was canceled. The girls’ school was closed and Sarah had to figure out how to help them with online learning. Eloise was extremely anxious about the virus and needed a lot of reassurance. She couldn’t focus on the housework, and some days she was downright cranky. All the while, Sarah was busier than ever at work.


Sarah was smart and capable, but she was overwhelmed. She didn’t know where to turn for help. She was usually the one that was helping everyone else!


One of her coworkers recommended she get in touch with a home care agency. Sarah was surprised. She thought that home care caregivers basically just bathed people in bed. What in the world could home care do for them? But she was willing to call the agency and find out.

As it turned out, she was so glad she did! Sarah learned that home care offers so much more than bed baths and personal care. Their professional caregivers can help with a huge selection of tasks including light housekeeping, errands, and even simple companionship.

Sarah started out by asking for a caregiver to come in twice a week to take care of the laundry and go for a walk around the block with Eloise. Eloise loved the walk! She also loved helping the caregiver with the laundry. By the end of the first session, they were chatting like old friends! The change in Eloise’s mood was immediate and profound. Her anxiety was almost gone, and she wasn’t nearly as cranky. She was like herself again!

By the end of the first week, Sarah called the agency back to see if they could come in every day! Eloise was so much happier with someone helping her be active and productive. Eloise and the caregiver started grocery shopping together and making sandwiches for lunch. They even started making soup in the slow cooker, so dinner was a snap in the evening.

They started doing other fun activities together, too. They played cards, did manicures, and listened to Eloise’s favorite old music. They worked on jigsaw puzzles or craft projects together. It was almost like Eloise’s activity group had come into her home.

With Eloise doing so well, Sarah felt so much better! And with some of the household chores out of the way, she had more time to keep up with the demands of work and online schooling the kids. She even had a little bit of time left over to relax in the bath, watch her favorite movie, and practice some essential self-care.


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