Elder Care in La Costa CA: Senior Exercise
25 October 2018,

Staying active is a big part of helping your elderly family member to live the lifestyle that she wants to live. Exercising and generally being active helps your senior’s balance, her mental outlook, and her ability to age in place the way that she wants to.


They Can Offer Companionship While Exercising

It’s so much easier to exercise when there’s someone else there with you, cheering you on. That’s especially true for your aging adult. She can also feel more secure knowing that there’s someone there with her who can help her if she loses her balance or has another issue. Having a friendly face there can give her a huge boost.


They Can Help Her to Stick to a Routine

It’s tough to get used to a new exercise routine, especially if your elderly family member hasn’t been one to exercise before. Senior care providers can help your aging adult to find a routine that works for her and then they can help her to implement it. If the routine needs to be tweaked or adjusted to fit her needs better, that’s also possible.


They Can Remind Her to Track Her Activity Levels

Keeping track of your senior’s activity levels can be a crucial part of helping her to stay active. The reason for this is that she’s able to see on paper where she was before and where she is now. It’s not easy to see progress while you’re in the midst of doing something, but when progress is tracked, it’s much more obvious. Daily records give your senior the chance to see just how far she’s come.


They Can Help Her to Remember What She Enjoys Doing

Staying active has a lot to do with exercising, of course, but it can also involve continuing to participate in hobbies and in other activities that your senior enjoys. It’s not always easy to remember those, especially if your senior is feeling a little down or if she’s bored. Having a companion who can remind her what she loves to do and who can help her to get where she wants to go can be a helpful resource.


Senior care providers become your elderly family member’s cheerleaders, friends, and partners in staying healthy and active. They can also help you to feel more confident about your senior’s plans to age in place, especially if that’s been making you feel nervous.


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