Elder Care in La Costa CA
9 March 2016,

Elder Care in La Costa CA

Elder Care in La Costa CAEven if your elderly loved one has never been depressed before, it’s possible that she can develop depression later in life. Depression for your loved one is slightly different than the experience that you can have with depression, though, and it’s important to understand some of those differences so that you can help her through the experience. The more that you understand about depression and your elderly loved one, the better prepared you’ll be.

Older Adults Have Higher Risks for Depression

Older adults often have significant health problems, which can lead to depression very easily. This is especially true if the health problems involve chronic pain or diminished ability to enjoy normal activities. Older adults are also more likely to isolate themselves from friends and family members, particularly if they’re already grieving.

Older Adults Are Often Not Properly Diagnosed

Your elderly loved one might have symptoms that fit a variety of health conditions, not just depression. Some of these symptoms may also look a lot like side effects from the medication that they’re taking, so it can be easy for your loved one’s doctor to overlook depression as a cause. Your loved one may also neglect to mention or be unable to mention some of the more serious signs of her depression to you or to her doctor, making diagnosis impossible.

Older Adults Are Often Undertreated

Your loved one may recognize that she’s depressed, but feel that she doesn’t really need treatment for it. She may feel that it’s just a blue mood that is bound to blow over sooner or later. She may also minimize the problem to her doctor, causing her to receive treatment that is less than she actually needs. It’s also possible that your loved one does receive treatment, but not as long or as involved as she really needs, which can also lead to a relapse of her depression.

If you think that your loved one is depressed, make sure that you mention it to her doctor and to her elder care providers. They can help to make sure that your loved one gets the treatment that she needs for her depression.

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