10 October 2014,

Elderly Care Coronado CA: Ebola is Certainly Something to be Concerned With

Elderly Care Coronado COne of the biggest news stories that is circulating right now is the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa. Ebola is a devastating illness that is potentially fatal. Right now, estimates put the number of potentially infected individuals by the end of the year at 6,000. However, health officials worry that this disease can spread and quickly impact over 1 million people by this time next year. It has now reached the shores of the United States, so when it comes to elderly care, what concerns should older individuals, as well as their family members, have with regard to this illness?

While Ebola is certainly something to be concerned about, right now it is isolated to Liberia and, in some cases Nigeria. Even though there are reported cases of Americans returning from those countries having been infected, now in Texas as well as possibly Washington DC, there should be no cause for alarm at this time.

The best thing anybody can do to protect themselves, whether they rely on elder care services or not, is to be vigilant about your own health. That means that you should focus on things that will protect yourself in the best way possible.

For elderly individuals, it is important that they seriously consider getting the flu vaccine now that it is autumn. Some people resist getting the flu vaccine because they don’t understand exactly what it is. Many people believe that the flu vaccine is actually the live flu virus being injected into the body, but in a very low dose, so that their immune system can fight and develop the proper immunity to it. In truth, the flu vaccine that is injected through a needle is a dead virus. It cannot infect a person.

That doesn’t mean there is no risk of side effects. The nasal form of the flu vaccine is a live virus. Protecting yourself by getting the flu vaccine is important because during winter, the cases of flu increase due to the fact that we tend to keep our windows closed and live inside without getting fresh air on a regular basis. This allows bacteria and viruses to run free.

As for the Ebola virus, until things change, there isn’t much you can do aside from keeping as healthy as you can, eating healthy, and having a positive outlook on life. Having the right level and type of elderly care can help you with all of this.

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