Caregiver in La Jolla CA: Senior Vertigo
24 January 2020,

Vertigo involves periods of dizziness that usually occur when you move your head quickly or in a certain way. It’s not uncommon in the elderly. Aging and Disease estimates that 24 percent of adults 73 or older suffer from vertigo. There are many reasons it can start happening.


It’s important to reach out to a medical professional if your dad suffers from vertigo. While vertigo itself may not seem like a big deal, the increased risk of a fall is. People with vertigo have a higher risk of suffering at least one fall and some of those falls can lead to serious head injuries or bone fractures.


Possible Causes of Vertigo

Some medications cause dizziness. Pay attention to the times of day when the dizziness happens. Is it within an hour or two of taking his prescription medications? Read the side effects to see if the medication lists dizziness. If it does, talk to the doctor about an alternative or if it’s okay to take the medication when getting into bed each night.

Ear infections can lead to vertigo. If your dad’s ear feels plugged or sore, take him to the doctor and look for a build-up of earwax or an infection. The doctor can also look for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, a condition where calcium builds up in the inner ear canal and causes dizziness. A build-up of fluid in the ear canal can also lead to vertigo.



Common Treatments for Vertigo

If there’s a known cause, such as a bacteria ear infection, the antibiotic treatment will clear it up. Most ear infections, however, are viral, so treatment won’t work. Your dad just has to wait it out. Vertigo often goes away with time.

Medications that cause dizziness might be changed, but you’d need to ask the doctor for help. If the medications do not have any suitable alternatives, talk to the doctor about physical therapy that helps train the body to avoid the sensations that make your dad want to fall.

It’s a good time to discuss senior care services with your dad. If he’s alone all day and falls, would anyone notice him for hours, days, or even weeks? You can’t have that happening. Arrange regular visits from caregivers who provide senior care services like transportation to appointments, meal preparation, and household chores. Find out more about services and rates by making a call.


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