24 October 2014,

Elder Care La Costa CA: It’s Important to Exercise the Brain! Here are a Few Ideas to Get Started!

Elder Care La Costa CAProviding elder care is an important responsibility, whether you are a family member or paid professional. There are numerous things that you have to focus on, from safety to diet, from ensuring that the individual takes care of himself as best he or she can, to assisting with personal hygiene, and encouraging the individual to take part in various activities.

One thing that every elder care provider can and should consider doing is finding ways to encourage the senior to take part in activities that boost mental health. The brain is a muscle. Like any muscle in the body, it needs exercise. Unfortunately, thanks to more television programs, movies, and now the Internet, it is far too easy to let entertainment wash over you rather than getting brain the exercise that it needs. Watching a TV show can be fun, but it isn’t pushing the brain in any way. It just doesn’t give the brain any exercise.

If you are looking for brain boosting bonuses that can benefit elder care, here are just a few ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Play games.

Whether you are talking about traditional board games, chess, or even video games, those type of games that require strategic thinking, planning, and focus can be highly beneficial for seniors who rely on elderly health care.

  1. Encourage the senior to keep a diary.

Writing can have many benefits for brain health. Even if the individual has no prior experience writing, keeping a diary can offer them an opportunity to not only get their emotions down on paper, but if they start talking about events from their childhood or many years ago, it can start conjuring up even more memories and that is going to be highly beneficial for mental health and well-being.

  1. Have conversations.

Sitting down and talking about a wide range of topics can be highly beneficial for the brain’s health. When you talk and listen to somebody else, your brain is going to be working in a frantic pace. It is going to be taking information that you hear from the other individual, sort and store it, and then seek the proper or appropriate response.

  1. Getting plenty of rest.

Finally, getting the proper amount of rest every day is crucial for positive brain health. The average individual requires 8 to 9 hours of sleep per day. Elderly individuals may benefit from a nap in the afternoon as well as getting sleep throughout the night. If the individual relying on elder care struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, it could be related to stress, anxiety, or even caffeine.

Try to find solutions to help the senior get the proper level of rest that he or she needs.

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