Caregivers in La Jolla CA
30 March 2016,

Caregivers in La Jolla CA

Caregivers in La Jolla CAStress can do a number on all of the different aspects of your life. And when you need to have an important conversation, or someone needs to talk to you, communicating properly can be difficult. These tips can make that conversation a little bit easier.

Stay Focused on the Topic at Hand

Often when you’re having a difficult conversation, it’s easy to veer off into other topics and other concerns. Try sticking with just the topic at hand. If you still need to sort out other problems or issues, save it for another conversation or for when you’re not as stressed and upset. Do your best to resolve the current issue. Once you do that, it’s off your plate and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Listen Carefully to What Is Actually Being Said

During a heated discussion, you may think you hear one thing but the person you’re talking to is actually saying something else. When you’re trying so hard to have your own point of view heard, you can easily misunderstand. Try instead to really listen while the other person is talking, even if you think you know what they’re saying.

Use Less Accusatory Language

When you’re upset and having a heated conversation your main focus is typically yourself and your point of view. As a result, you’re likely to say “you” an awful lot. That can come across as accusatory to the other person in the conversation, resulting in defensive responses that are likely to escalate the situation. Try instead to form your arguments in a less accusatory manner and with more “I” statements. “I feel upset” is better than “You make me so upset.”

Find a Compromise

Few arguments resolve so that one side or the other “wins.” Almost always a satisfactory conclusion involves a compromise between both sides. Start out looking for the compromise that can make life better for both sides and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Step Away for a Bit

Quite often when you’re stressed you just don’t have the emotional bandwidth to deal with a big discussion all at once. Don’t make yourself. Instead, step away for a little while until you feel calm enough to handle the conversation. Don’t let yourself forget about or give up on having the conversation, but let yourself have some breathing room.

Communicating doesn’t have to be difficult, even when you’re having a stressful time.

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