Elder Care in La Costa CA
23 February 2016,

Elder Care in La Costa CA

Elder Care in La Costa CA

Your elderly loved one needs just the right amount and quality of sleep in order to help her body stay healthy. If she’s not sleeping well, it’s time to figure out why. This can be easier said than done, though. The first step is to ask yourself and your loved one a few simple questions to get the investigation rolling.

Is She Stressed Out?

You may not think that your elderly loved one has much to stress about, but that isn’t necessarily the case. She can be stressed out about anything from health problems to financial problems or even what might happen to the people she loves after she passes away. All of these things, from the small issues to the larger ones, can have your loved one so stressed that it’s difficult for her to sleep properly. Helping your loved one to sort out which issues are actually worth worrying about is a good first step. The next step is helping her to let go of the issues that worrying doesn’t help.

How Much Caffeine Does She Consume?

You may not realize just how much caffeine your loved one consumes or when she consumes it, and that can make a big difference in sleep quantity and quality. Try helping your loved one to keep a food diary so you can spot trends with caffeinated foods and drinks. If you’re not able to be there during the day yourself, enlist the help of your loved one’s home care providers to sort out when your loved one’s personal cut off time for caffeine should be. In general, early afternoon is the latest for most people, but some people are more sensitive to caffeine.

Are There Any Prescription Side Effects?

Finally, make sure that you talk to your loved one’s doctor about potential side effects from medications. Even if individual medications don’t have side effects that affect sleeping, it’s possible that combinations of certain medications might. Your loved one’s doctor can sort through the medications and the dosages to see if any of them can be contributing to her trouble sleeping.

Once you narrow down some of the bigger problems that can keep your loved one from sleeping properly, you can start to get solutions in place.

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